Several ways for your facebook account get hacked

Facebook is the most popular social network in the world, they have good tech guys that are paid millions of dollars just to secure user’s accounts, but I need you tell you these – Hacking is real.
Most cases of hacking of facebook, human vulnerabilities are targeted. What do I mean by this phrase – human vulnerabilties? It means the simple mistakes we make ourselves, which end up making our accounts compromised.
I will make this very simple:

1. Our choice of passwords:

We are hackers, we know the way passwords work, we have brute forced so many weak accounts on the internet, and we realised some people use very simple passwords such as:
first set of letters on keyboard – qwert, qwerty, asdf, 123456;
date of birth: 08121993, 08121993, 19930112
numbers in sequence: 123456, 987654321
simple names: mathew, robert, martha; and so on.
It is very easy to hack accounts with such similar passwords. This guess technique is called social engineering, sometimes it works.

2. Fake emails that instructs the owner to reset or enter his password.

This method is called Philshing. We need to be vigilant whenever we receive emails instructing us to enter our account details. We always need to check the links of this emails. A facebook account reset should correspond with not any other links. Hackers use the method to harvest your username and password, they also use the same method to steal account details.

3. Antivirus

I strongly recommend the use of antivirus on PCs and Mobile phones, strong anti-virus  for PC like AVG, Karspersky, Avast, Norton Security, while on mobile such as Zemana, AVG.
The use of these anti-virus is to detect any password stealer or remote kelogger on your device. People can place keyloggers on your PC, or send it via email, this keylogger will send screenshots, and keystrokes of your activities to the sender. Password stealer on the other hand records all your login information and stores in a notepad.

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