4 Ways Hackers are cheaply exploiting people in this Covid-19 Pandemic

We are black hat hackers. Even as we try as much as possible to sweep cheating, scams and phishing off the internet, we also make sure we inform people on how to stay vigilant and safe in this pandemic period. There are bad hackers out there, and what this hackers care about is how to take advantage of people’s vulnerabilities at this period. These bad hackers are exploting every angle to wreak havoc so as possible make money.

Here are the four ways:

  1. Be very skeptical when you check any email. Especially e-mails that directs you to click a link. This protects you against phishing. Phishing is method by which a hacker or a fraudulent dude with little programming knowledge copies similar html code as that of a reputable company then changes the form field to store and harvest a user’s username and password. Not only this, be also skeptical when checking emails that comes with attachment, because as soon as you click on an attachment, your location can be found out and other information about your server.
  2. Do not use simple passwords for social media accounts, bank accounts and sensitive information. There are Linux programs(I will not go into details about this one) that extracts account profiles and its similar names on other social media accounts, githubs, dating websites and even bank accounts. As soon as a hacker hacks the weakest link from one of your profiles, it might give him leverage to explore other accounts.
  3. Always make use of 2-Factor authentication. Face-lock, mobile phone alerts. I will advise against email alerts, this is the easiest link for a hacker to get into your account. If the hacker gets access to your email, then I can bet your social media account would be easily compromised.
  4. Be very careful storing personal details, passwords, private pictures on cloud files, except if the cloud server has 2-3 security as stated above. When cloud servers are compromised, it can lead to a blackmail from these bad guys.

Please strictly adhere to the information provided so as to stay secured while surfing the internet. Blackhatmode Hackers are good guys, we only hack for justified reasons. We still engage in credit score fix, mobile spyware and other tailored services, you can mail us directed using the form in this link.
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