Several ways your phone can be hacked 2019

Cell Phone Hacking Methods

Mobile phones are just like any other computer, so assuming its connected and that you’re using your phone to access the internet normally, the attack surface is actually pretty large. As with any other machine, some operating systems are more vulnerable than others, and the same goes for apps.

I’m not going to get into specifics, but if your number is known to someone who can access and manipulate SS7 then they don’t even have to be in same continent. Someone who can do this can basically instantly access any and everything that is linked to your phone. So…. everything.

SS7 is scary, the most scary one IMO, but it doesn’t stop there. WIFI phishing, bluetooth attacks, malware, social engineering. There’s many, many different methods to hack phones. SS7 contains a master key that’s accessible to any and everyone who knows the trick, but there’s plenty of lesser keys out there.

Hacking smart phones is not an easy thing but it is also not an impossible task. If someone really do hard work about it, they can hack your device:

Social engineering : Yes, it is an easy way to guess about your ‘word phrase’ password. Generally people set their password in the name of their beloved, pets or birth dates etc. By this data, they can try to look up in your device.

Phishing : It’s another way to steal log in details. Often people uses the same password on various sites. So they can redirect you to a fake site and ask you to log in. When you fill log in details, they record it and if that match with your device’s password, it may be hacked.

Pattern lock scratch : If you use an easy pattern lock, it would be easier to hack your device. When we uses the same pattern for a long while, it may draw some sketch or scratch on the display. And a wise people may easily unlock your device.

By Gmail password : Smart phone with android system offers unlocking by gmail feature. So if someone knows your gmail password, they can remotely log in and / or reset your password or phone.

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